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Video Tape Transfer to DVD 

Cooper???s Imaging offers high quality video tape to DVD transfers. Don???t lose the memories you video taped in years past. Video tape is a magnetic media that degrades over time. The sooner you transfer your video tape to DVD the better. We can transfer one or hundreds for you. Cooper???s uses a high quality video tape transfer system that gives you a perfect copy of your original. Each DVD holds up to 2 hours of video tape. We transfer one tape to one DVD using Fuji Film lifetime DVD???s and it???s returned to you in a case that protects the DVD.


Types of video tapes to DVD we transfer:

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8mm, High 8, and Digital 8

Mini Dv


We can transfer odd-sized video tape like Beta, Umatic and others. For pricing, please give us a call at 860-887-4686


Service time: This depends on our in house volume. We have multiple systems transferring video tape to DVD. Usual service time is a few days to a week.


Broken Tapes; Repair of broken tapes is $35.00 to $45.00 plus the transfer fee. please call us for more information.


Extended play tapes: If you have extended play video tapes, we will put each 2 hours on a separate DVD. Extended play Tapes have additional costs. Example: If you give us one tape and it is 6 hours, The first 2 hours is $29.99 and each of the additional 2 hours is $10.00 for a total of $49.99. Most extended play tapes are found in the VHS format.




1-2 tapes

$29.99 each

3-5 tapes

$25.99 each

6-9 tape

$22.99 each

10-20 tapes

$19.99 each

21 or more tape

$18.99 each

Standard VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, 8mm, HI-8 and Digital 8 video tape tranfer to dvd.

Transfer is one to one and up to 2 hours.

Extended play tapes are an additional $10.00 for each 2 hours of play




Duplicates at the time of video tape transfer

Pricing is from each original




1-2 dups

$12.00 each

3-10 dups

$10.00 each

10 or more dups

$8.00 each



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